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HEY Ladies and or Gentalmen I put this class together to help you get started on your wig line! This class with help you increase your sells so much you will wish you did this sooner. In this class you will learn how to:

  • Machine Settings
  • Properly Bleach Knots
  • Pluck Lace 
  • Closure Placement 
  • Track Plackment 
  • Double and Tripple Wefts 
  • Take Measurments 
  • Block Measurments 
  • Draw Guildlines
  • Basic Sewing Skills 
  • Digital Handbook

This Live class will allow you to ask whatever questions you may have. This live will be recored so that you can have reference for 8 weeks. 

Live Virtual Wig Construction Class Paid In FULL

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